Digital Marketing For THE SEO GENIUS

Date: July 2023 to Present.

Role: This is a full time role involving Website Design, Search Engine Optimisation, SEO Content Writing, Social Media Management, and other forms of Marketing and Automation.

Results so far:

Website Design

Visit website.

SEO Content Writing

I’ve written over a dozen SEO articles for this client, with more to come.

I also designed the blog cover images, custom infographics, and interactive media.

Here, I highlight 4 blogposts.

To see all the articles I’ve written for this client, click here.

1. Digital marketing in Nigeria

Link to full article.

2. How to get customers to your website

Link to article.

3. Technical SEO guide

Link to article.

4. On-page SEO

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Search Engine Optimisation

Thanks to my expertise, this client is ranking first for the keyword “the seo genius”.

They’re also top in their state for
“seo agency in bayelsa”,
“seo agency in yenagoa”,
and are gaining strong position for “digital marketing agency in bayelsa”

They’re currently ranking on position 18 for the keyword “content marketing in Nigeria”, which is a strong start for a new domain.

Over time I’ve increased their site speed, optimized images, fixed technical loopholes, improved on-page optimization, and laid the necessary ground work for a successful SEO campaign.