Freelance Writer

Date: December 2022 to Present.

I officially started my writing journey in December 2022.

From Twitter threads, to blog posts, sales copy, video scripts, and poetry. I traveled far and wide, before deciding to focus on B2B and B2C tech content and digital marketing.

Here are some of my works and accompanying results.

Twitter: Threads and Short Posts

1. Thread about self-awareness

Over 2,000 impressions with less than 200 followers.

I wrote the above thread when I had only 200 followers on twitter.
But I got good engagement because I applied psychology and copywriting principles, and also used organic growth tactics.

2. Thread about how chess transformed my life.

3. Short post about why you need to unlearn.

4. Short post about why you shouldn’t kill a person’s dream

Blog Posts

1. High Income Skills

This post on the first blog I started has brought over 20 subscribers, and is liked by over 90 users.

Although I no longer write there, it’s still gaining traction with new visitors and subscribers every now and then.

2. Cataracts

I wrote an article about cataracts on medium.

Full article.

Video Scripts

1. AI Video Maker Guide