A Scienartist’s Game – Poem About Life

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Scienartist is a portmanteau of the words scientist and artist.

Life! A losing game, err science or cheap art?
Why do we work by day and sleep at night?
Right or wrong, how do we tell them apart?
How to live, like a hipster or an eremite?

Life! agreeably it is a daunting task -
for we sail the same sea, though from different shores.
To brave the rigorous storm we wear a mask
but sadly when we see the mountains and moors,
we become one with our mask, "unchangeable"!

Endlessly we seek knowledge from wisdom's breast
to fuel our egos and make our prides swell;
ultimately though, it's all juvenile unrest
for an hour comes when we shall take our last breath
and bow to the game's maestro, the scienartist, death.

© - Iræt 5/29/2022

Comments On This Poem About Life


So one day, I was inspired by life. I saw how it’s a perfect blend between science and art, how it can’t be stuffed into a box. Oftentimes we try to explain things as either/or. You’re either good or bad. I’m either black or white. It’s either I love you, or I hate you. You’re either a scientist or an artist, etc.

But most times life isn’t as simple as that. There are many grey areas and to excel, we need a perfect blend between chaos, and calm.

Thinking about it, I was like, “that’s me right there,” I’m like life, I’m a scientist and an artist. You know, Leonardo DaVinci kinda guy. That was how I coined the term “scienartist” (or so I thought).

After branding myself as a scienartist, I went online and found out I wasn’t the only one who had thought about blending those words together. Oh the agony and disappointment I felt when I discovered that my novel word was in fact, common.

Anyways, not to deviate.

Stanza 1

The first stanza of this poem about life touches on how we usually look at life through a binary lens. You’re either a sinner or a saint. You’re either an early bed or a night owl.

Stanza 2

Despite our differences, we all go through similar challenges.

Stanza 3

Finally, no matter what we achieve in life, we’ll all wind up the same.

Live, laugh, love.

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